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Jacob Vagin - the creator of the Soviet school of Investigation

This article will be about our fellow-Kharkov citizen Yakov Vagin. It was a very effective detective. Yes, he worked in the police, and was not a private detective, but alas, there were no private investigators in the USSR.But in any case, this person is worthy of the title of Great Detective.

Biography of Vagin Yakov

Yakov was born in Kharkov, in the family of a turner. His family was large and lived in great need.When the Great Patriotic War broke out, his father and his family were taken to evacuation to Perm. The whole life of Jacob Vagin will be connected with Perm. Father and son worked for days at the factory so that they could feed their families, but these incomes allowed them to live only so as not to starve to death.


During the Soviet Union, people were sometimes sent to organs according to the so-called “Komsomol permits", precisely because of this distribution from the Komsomol, Yakov got into the organs. The police appreciated the zeal of a young opera from Komsomol members, but since the beginner had little theoretical knowledge and a lot of desire to study, he was sent to study in Leningrad, at the school of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Vagin studied at this school for two years, from 1945 to 1947.At the end of his studies, Yakov was sent to work in Yakutia, to the department for combating organized crime. The work there was dangerous, in those places the law was not very respected, more guided by the principle "Taiga is the law, and the bear is the prosecutor." Vagin worked for days, struggling with the local criminal element, which, after the war, spawned a lot throughout the Union. Thanks to his developments, many criminals were detained. Over the years of work in Yakutia, Jacob has gained valuable operational experience.This was appreciated by the superior and Vagin sent to Kazakhstan, in Semipalatinsk. There, Jacob worked from 1952 to 1954, giving highly professional indicators of operational work.

Yakov Vagin


When Vagin returned back to Perm, then there was already fire, and water, and copper pipes of police work. In his years, he was already a highly skilled professional in operational work. But in addition to these qualities, he did not become coarse to his subordinates, as is often the case with people who "rose" above others. With his subordinates, he was sensitive and attentive, always listening to their opinion.


With a visit to Perm, during the year, Yakov held the post of political officer in one of the Perm police stations, but a year later he was sent for promotion, he headed the 1st police station. Thanks to his petitions, two more regional departments were opened in the city, one of which (Leninsky) Jacob headed for several years.In 1969, Vagin became the head of the threat in the Perm region, having stayed as his head right up to 1986. As a leader, all the qualities of Yakov Abramovich, both professional and human, were manifested. Thanks to his efforts, Perm came out on statistics of uncovered crimes in 3rd place throughout the USSR. Almost all the murders and cases of all-Union significance in the Perm region were disclosed thanks to the efforts of the Vagin team.


You reader can find these things. The most famous are the capture of a maniac from Kungur and the case of the Vedernikov brothers who robbed Sberbank and killed a patrol policeman.Jacob Vagin was always distinguished by caring for his subordinates. After all, if a person has a problem, then what good will he have in his work, especially of such a complex and demanding will and mind as operational? Jacob knew how to give a scolding to his subordinate, but he always answered for his superiors himself, without hiding behind anyone's backs. Famous words of Vagin - "I will deal with my people myself, but I will answer to the authorities." His subordinates idolized him for this, surrendering to work by 110%.

Vagin govoril, chto osnovnym zvenom v operativnoy rabote yavlyayetsya chelovek. Za takoy podkhod k delu on pol'zovalsya bol'shim avtoritetom sredi svoikh kolleg i podchinennykh, kotoryye byli blagodarny yemu za yego staraniya i delali nevozmozhnoye, raskryvaya tyazheleyshiye prestupleniya. Znaya o tom, chto yesli u cheloveka ustroyen byt i net problem v sem'ye, to on i na rabote chelovek budet pokazyvat' khoroshiye rezul'taty, Yakov Abramovich obespechil zhil'yem vsekh svoikh sotrudnikov, chto vo vremena total'nogo defitsita bylo prakticheski chudom. Posle obespecheniya lyudey kvartirami on sozdal kruzhok zhen operov, chtoby zhenshchiny ne stradali ot otsutstviya muzhey i ne skuchali. Eto skazyvalos' na effektivnosti raboty yego lyudey, tak kak doma u nikh byl mir i blagodat'.


Pomimo vsego etogo Vagin vsegda proveryal usloviya, v kotorykh rabotayet yego komanda v komandirovke. Proveryal nalichiye tekhniki, vertoletov, kontroliroval obespecheniye operov yedoy i zhil'yem. Priyekhav v mesto provedeniya sledstvennykh meropriyatiy, on podnimal vsekh mestnykh nachal'nikov i treboval neobkhodimoye, ne otstupaya, poka vse ne budet predostavleno.


Daleye on bralsya za rukovodstvo spetsial'nymi meropriyatiyami, daval zadaniya operativnym sotrudnikam, sostavlyal plan meropriyatiy, obsuzhdal versii so svoimi lyud'mi. Gromadnyy opyt operativnoy raboty, talant upravlentsa, kotoryy on peredaval svoim lyudyam daval snogsshibatel'nyye rezul'taty – bystroye raskrytiye kazalos' by absolyutnykh «glukharey».


Kogda Yakov Abramovich ushel na pensiyu, to prodolzhal pomogat' lyudyam. On sozdal soyuz veteranov MVD, v kotoryy vkhodit bol'she desyati tysyach chelovek. On pomogal im s predostavleniyem l'got, vybivaya ikh u prizhimistykh chinovnikov, takzhe reshal problemy so zdorov'yem militseyskikh pensionerov, ustraivaya ikh v gospitali.Ushel iz zhizni etot chelovek v 2010 godu. Vy znayete, navernoye na takikh professionalakh i derzhitsya politsiya v lyuboy strane. Yakov Abramovich Vagin mozhet byt' obraztsom s lyuboy storony – i kak prekrasnyy sem'yanin, i kak chelovek, i kak professional svoyego dela.Развернуть1976/5000Vagin said that the main link in operational work is man. For this approach to business, he enjoyed great authority among his colleagues and subordinates, who were grateful to him for his efforts and did the impossible, revealing the most serious crimes. Knowing that if a person has a daily life and no problems in the family, then he will also show good results at work, Yakov Abramovich provided housing for all his employees, which was almost a miracle during the time of total shortage. After providing people with apartments, he created a circle of opera wives so that women would not suffer from the absence of husbands and would not be bored. This affected the effectiveness of his people, as they had peace and grace at home.In addition to all this, Vagin always checked the conditions under which his team worked on a business trip. I checked the availability of equipment, helicopters, controlled the provision of operas with food and housing. Arriving at the venue of the investigative measures, he picked up all the local bosses and demanded the necessary, without retreating, until everything was provided.Then he took charge of special events, gave tasks to operational staff, drew up an action plan, and discussed versions with his people. The vast experience of operational work, the talent of the manager, which he passed on to his people yielded stunning results - the quick disclosure of the seemingly absolute "grouse".


When Yakov Abramovich retired, he continued to help people. He created the Union of Veterans of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which includes more than ten thousand people. He helped them with the provision of benefits, knocking them out from fistful officials, and also solved the health problems of police pensioners by arranging them in hospitals.This man passed away in 2010. You know, probably the police in any country rely on such professionals. Yakov Abramovich Vagin can be a model from any angle - both as a wonderful family man, and as a person, and as a professional in his field.Отправить отзывИсторияСохраненоСообщества