Investigation agency of Serge Senik "ODIN"


Work principles of our agency

In the work our detectives of our Investigation Agency of Serge Senyk «ODIN» is guided by the following principles:

  • LAW - detectives of our agency at work strictly follows the standards of the current legislation;
  • EFFICIENCY - your tasks will be carried out accurately on time;
  • CONFIDENTIALITY - information about the facts and purposes of our cooperation not be made public.
  • RELIBIALITY - we guarantee the accuracy of the information provided;
  • PROFESSIONALISM - all employees of our detective agency have specialized higher education, work experience in the Ukrainian Police and other security agencies of not less than 5-years.


Detectives of our agency arenot involved

  1. Detectives of our agency arenot involved neither in energy vampires, nor bad neighbors or searching for lost pets;
  2. We do not cooperate with the psychic, palmistry, astrology, fortune-tellers and soothsayers;
  3. We do not provoke the wife (husband) to adultery;
  4. We do not eliminate rivals and competitors;
  5. Our Investigation agency not involved in detailed phone calls and does not listen to other people's phone!
  6. We do not open the apartment, not engaged in secret insight into other people's garages, cottages, offices, apartments;
  7. We do not cooperate with criminal gangs;
  8. We will not mislead you about the prospects of your order and will not falsify the results;
  9. We do not work without the payment of expenses on a «fee only after the results»;
  10. We do not cooperate with customers, the objectives of which we are not clear or are questionable;
  11. We have the right to refuse the client to continue to work without a return prepaid at any stage of the investigation in the case of establishing the fact of introducing our clients to confusion about the purpose of the order or the provision of false information in order to pre-rigging investigation.
  12. In case of a Investigation Agency information about a crime committed by a client or the subject of the investigation or its preparation, we are obliged to immediately inform the police;
  13. Our detectives never pass obtained in the course of the investigation information to third parties, except as described in claim 12;
  14. Our Investiganion Agency did not finish and did not redo the work that was started by the other detective agencies and private detectives.


There is a problem? Press the red button!

We are ready to find a solution and achieve the result that will satisfy our clients.


The fact that the founder and owner of the Agency is a direct member and a co-founder of All-Ukrainian Association of Private Detectives and has a good reputation that has developed over the years, allows people not to be afraid of deceit and count on a guaranteed result.

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