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Cost of detective services

If your life was necessary to use the services of a private detective, then surely you will be interested in the value of its services. Here we have a detailed explanation of what constitutes the ultimate price for detective services. Each access to our detective agency is inherently unique. It does not matter, whether it is business or interpersonal relationships.


The approach to solving such a problem is always purely individual

At the initial stage, the formation of the final price affects the location of the Client and venue operations. For example, the cost of measures to search for a person in a small regional center of Ukraine and in a multimillion Cairo (had this experience) will vary significantly. While in the first case, the search is successfully completed the second maximum on the third day, in the second case it may take several weeks.
Let us consider two specific cases from the practice:
Searches in the little city finally costs for customer  700 euros, the final amount of the cost of the person wanted in Egypt costs for the client in 6650 euros. So, what money was spent Client in the first and second cases?
The case №1 (small town)
1. Living costs of private detectives;
2. The cost of gasoline;
3. Payment for the services of people in the Archives and Public Administration;
4. Fees detectives.
The man was found successfully on the second day of searches.
The case №2 (15,000,000th Cairo)
1. Flight detectives from Ukraine to Egypt, back and forth;
2. Payment of the rental car and the cost of gasoline;
3. The cost of a two-week stay in hotels across the country (with the object of the search we had to run);
4. Bribe police officers and civil servants (East - is a delicate matter. This, by the way, and went to the lion's share of costs. What to do, without baksheesh there is no one help you);
5. Fees detectives.

The man was found on the 13th day of searching on the other side of Egypt. Thus, as can be seen from the above, the cost of services of our detective agency can be calculated by the formula "cost plus fee". In considering each particular case, the customer is offered several options to solve its problems. Various methods for execution and, consequently, cost.

The final choice for customers.
In addition, each customer has the possibility, when considering the cost of the implementation of its tasks, reduce their costs by removing one or the other point of the proposed plan. But as a rule, this can often negatively affect the outcome of the investigation.


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