Investigation agency of Serge Senik "ODIN"



We work legally, which is confirmed by the following documents:

  • The extract from the Unified State Register on the renaming of Detective Agency "ODIN" to Investigation Agency of Serge Senyk "ODIN".
  • Information about registering Investigation Agency of Serge Senyk "ODIN" with the relevant authorities.
  • Main document of Investigation Agency of Serge Senyk "ODIN".
  • State certificate of the end of the first in Ukraine courses of private detectives at the University of the State Fiscal Service.

Investigation Agency of Serge Senyk  "ODIN" is a full member of the All-Ukrainian Association of Private Detectives and regularly takes part in thematic conferences.


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We are ready to find a solution and achieve the result that will satisfy our clients. The fact that the founder and owner of the Agency is a direct member and a co-founder of All-Ukrainian Association of Private Detectives and has a good reputation that has developed over the years, allows people not to be afraid of deceit and count on a guaranteed result.

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