Investigation agency of Serge Senik "ODIN"


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Agency of Investigation by Serge Senyk "ODIN", as a member of the International Association of Investigators and Crisis Experts, is an active participant in a large number of various conferences, exhibitions and congresses. In 2013, our Association held the first international Congress of private detectives in Kiev.




We present to your attention a program about the 1st International Congress of Private Detectives, in which Senik Sergey Vladimirovich takes part, who is not only the owner of our detective agency, but also a "playing coach" who takes part in various investigations conducted by the Agency:



Interview by Sergey Senik to Poltava television


Activity of our detective Agency and his founder Sergey Сеника is often illuminated and comes into question on television and in the press. Aiming to tell to Ukrainians, who such inquiry agent, and how he can help to work out the problems of Ukrainians, the employees of Agency gave professional advices repeatedly, participating in the news producing and ethers.


Also annual congresses that conduct private detectives of Ukraine got in sign of MASS-MEDIA. Detective agency «ODIN» it is the active participant of such conventions and aims to move forward legal activity of specialists in this sphere. Since 2013, when the first International Congress of inquiry agents, in that delegates took part more than from twenty countries of the world, was conducted in Kyiv, including representatives «Пинкертона» and «Кролла», the sphere of private search develops actively, adapting oneself under realities of modern Ukraine.


An enormous number of business contacts and connections, membership, is in the leading world associations of detectives, decision of the most difficult tasks in any part of earth – it is joint job of the Ukrainian inquiry agents performances on a few International Congresses. Including employees of Agency of investigations of Sergey Сеника «ONE».