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Truth about private detectives


Nowadays, many unscrupulous "journalists" are in a hurry to use the image of a private detective in various kinds of dirty scandalous stories, television shows and political games.So it’s time to stop all these unprofessional attempts and tell the truth about private detectives.So, the whole truth about the work of private investigations in Ukraine "without cuts."


Dear Reader, if you came to this page in search of the services of a detective, then read them, please, here and here.If you are just interested in the detective field, then read stories from practice.Today, to talk about detective work in Ukraine, journalists of various stripes and denominations are taken, for some reason this topic is periodically very interesting for their plain stories, the impression is that they learn from their colleagues from Russia.


Namely, to take out of the context some information from the activities of detectives, to hire actors who tell on the camera something that they do not fully understand, to judge the moral and ethical side of the work of detectives, while creating the illusion of permissiveness and violation of the law.But in fact, there are certain unofficial rules that guide investigators in their work.A real private detective in Ukraine, for example, will never collect information about civil servants, prosecutors, judges, current employees of law enforcement agencies whose activities involve secret materials and the performance of their official duties.


Although, on the other hand, during an active fight against corruption in Ukraine, a private investigator is the same journalist (by the way, many of them are acting journalists) and according to the Law of Ukraine they can conduct journalistic investigations and collect and analyze various information relating to, including violations of the Laws Ukraine.


A private detective, in the course of his activities, ideally contributes to the restoration of justice: either it is a search for a fraudster, or it is a return of debts, or it is a search for witnesses to a crime, a traffic accident, theft, and finally the unclean husbands or gigolos who women are fooled, by the way, women are also affected.

If a private detective takes the side of crime for the purpose of enrichment and violates the law, dishonestly behaves towards clients, deceives them, does not fulfill his obligations, he ceases to be called such and belongs to another category of citizens.And it is worth noting that even having an office and registration data (fraudsters can register anything according to fake documents) does not guarantee high-quality work.


Only one who values ​​his image, good name, enjoys well-deserved authority and is known on the Internet on the subject resources of professional associations as a reliable Detective Agency, can guarantee a high-quality result in the provision of private detective services.It is also worth mentioning the payment of a private detective, which is a fundamental aspect of investigations. High-quality work requires both material and mental costs of a private detective.


For the functioning of the detective agency, like any publishing house or television channel, it is necessary to maintain its material and technical base, cover the costs of renting an office (if any), advertising, fuel, purchasing and updating photo-video recording equipment, office equipment, salaries for employees, that everything is justified and calculated!And advice to the townsfolk: you should not believe every word in short stories on TV channels and the press. Often, untrained journalists who decide to judge detective work are primarily aimed at creating “bomb” material that raises the rating of a broadcast or print publication.


At the same time, the facts are specifically twisted, or pieces of information break out from the full context of the stories of private detectives, and the so-called mosaic is molded.It seems that such journalists just need to fill the broadcast with “ducks” about the total control of any person.As practice shows, there is always a demand for the services of a private detective, and he gives rise to an offer, but these services, although multifaceted, are not unlimited!