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How to recognize a rogue


Now, together with the general revelry of criminality in the country and also intensified scammers. This always happens in troubled times. In this article, our detective agency will give you some practical tips on how not to fall for the bait of clever scams.


How to recognize a swindler?


New ways of fraud and aferizm born almost every day. Thieves in this plan is much easier because they do not have to creep into the confidence of the victim and raise long politeness and performances. They simply break into a house of the victim and make out everything you can, using the absence of owners of the house, or simply using force and threats.
In aferizm's much thinner, money "hick" must give to scammer voluntarily, without coercion. Fraudster must gain the trust of the person and convince him that he is not who he really is. The process of preparing for a divorce is very meticulous. Professional fraudsters study long before the victim of the scam: her habit of dating, the schedule of the day, a psychological portrait, etc. Why? Yes, in order to make it easier to wriggle you trust. Here we assume you love football, and scammers know this, and the person who will creep into your confidence will also love football and cheer for your favorite team. It seems a trifle, yes, but these little things and melt the internal protection of human rights.
Fun is a good psychologists themselves, because if you apply force to select something from the victim, it will strike the run to the nearest police okolotok. And if you cleverly "dissolve" the victim, has promised her mountains of gold and fantastic prospects, it is not just going to write a statement, while exposing themselves stupid.
A professional swindler engaged lay not only conduct during "divorce", but also planning escape routes and follow their lives in accordance with the invented a way.
In this article, we will not describe the basic techniques of fraud, since it is easy to find on the Internet, and you yourself can google them if you want to know the types of fraud.
In this article, we describe how to recognize fraud.
There is a saying, "Where is gently bed, there is strong fall", it describes very well the scam. They always promise mountains of gold, and promise a fantastic prospect, no matter what the field is not applicable - job offer abroad and lucrative business deal. Especially if this potential "partner" clearly operates to the detriment of their interests. Think, if you are a business, would you enter into a contract at a loss ?! In such cases, you can be sure - in 99% of cases before you swindler.
Also crooks to achieve their goals can rent posh office, rent a car class to create the appearance of successfully operating company. Going to the office of the potential partner, ask yourself the question - "How quickly things can be taken here standing here?". Usually, despite seems to be filled with a working office is situated therein can be taken out for 30-40 minutes. And habitable space can always recognize a person really so constituted that tries to somehow personalize even the workplace. A perfect office - an occasion to think about.

Still, the best way to verify the person on the fact of whether he is a fraud - is to contact the detective agency. Detectives will hold fast and high-quality collection of information about a person, and if he's a crook, it just pops up in deep scan.


Swindlers: histories from life

There digress and tell the story of one of our colleagues from Moscow.
He was approached by a very senior person from the leadership of one of the oil companies. They asked Canadian company engaged in the production of pipes for oil pumping. It offers very favorable conditions for cooperation. The talks were held in a posh office in Moscow City, the firm's management drove an executive car with a bunch of foreign protection. Regularly organize banquets and receptions in five-star hotels and chic restaurants. Wolves and mother of the oil business, the past "gay nineties" swallowed the bait impostors - was awarded a contract for the supply of the sum of 3 bln. Rubles (nearly one hundred million. Dollars at the exchange rate of the ruble). The next day, all the phones "partners" were out of coverage, and the office was sterile emptiness. Enraged by the management of the company immediately filed a detective agency, do not spare the money to search for rogues.
We will not paint the process of the search, but eventually found fraudsters were already six months in Saudi Arabia, and to do plastic surgery. The criminals were extradited, after losing on both hands (the laws of Saudi Arabia is very hard on thieves and swindlers) and now harassed huge time.
But all this can be avoided by simply referring to the detective in advance to check for a potential partner.
In addition, the deteriorating quality of life in the country has sharply increased the number of scams that claim to get a job abroad. You've probably seen their ads. They are drawn fabulous prospects, excellent working conditions and higher salaries. But think, and whether it makes sense to foreign employers to recruit staff in a poor third world country, offering them salaries that are one and a half times higher than the national average, where supposedly being set. Keep this in mind, please do not fall for the bait of clever rascal who takes money from you supposed to prepare the package of documents, only to sink them into the unknown.
At the end of the article I want to say that in order not to fall for the bait descendants of Ostap Bender, always use your head, and critical thinking. And remember, if you offer something good, it is likely that under this lies something very bad.