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Portret of a modern detective


The first decade of the XXI century in Ukraine, a large number of private investigators and detective agencies. The media are never-ending debate about who is nastoyaschitsy modern private detective. We offer sovmestneo consider this.


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What is needed in order to tackle the provision of detective services?
If we take the example of some European Union countries, only talent and about 50 000 euros of seed capital. In other states, including some states in the United States wishing to obtain a permit to practice the detective need to undergo training and obtain a license.
But combine these two different approaches that the private detective, as a rule, is the "civilian personnel".
Yes, we have in common the view that a private investigator in Ukraine - a former employee is necessarily law-enforcement authorities or intelligence services, in Western countries, offset by a significant factor.
This factor - the prestige of the profession of the police, and even more so, of the intelligence services. Also important position and the cop in society and social benefits, and most importantly - a great pension!
No sane police will not dare to quit work and move in the free swimming private detective activity without a special reason. Typically, a small percentage of private detectives former cops are the ones who could not work well with the team or been expelled, for whatever reason, from the "authorities".
Opinion Ukrainian man in the street that the modern Ukrainian private detective - a former "employee" is under a powerful basis.
Although it generated awareness vnutrivedomstennyh corruption schemes. After all, this private investigator it easier to obtain the necessary confidential information by contacting the Colegio with money "with services such" rather than apply your talent and knowledge, solving the customer's problem.

So, most of the modern private detectives Ukraine are indeed in the past government officials who went out young to retire on superannuation, they stood up and refused to languish on the miserable pensions and fearlessly rushed into the vast sea of the market of private detective services.
Basically, the majority - are professionals with vast personal experience, fixated on the honor of the uniform, have a heightened sense of duty and a desire to provide customers with quality service, maintaining this reputation.
No less successful over the years, do business in the provision of services of private detective detectives who have not worked before in the power structures of the state, but has an innate instinct and talent, their own gain the necessary knowledge and experience. They are few, but their professional activity and perfected to pedantry desire for quality of detective services makes a significant contribution to the development detektinogo business in Ukraine.
But combine these two categories of private detectives Ukraine today their desire to help people in solving the problems of life.
And leading detective agency in our country were consolidated in order to be able to do it even in the most distant corner of Ukraine.
As a result, representatives of the two "castes" means one thing - no matter what the impetus to engage in private detective activity, a vital necessity or inner calling, they are united by one simple principle "help the man."
And the best private detectives in Ukraine were united in order to be able to lend a helping hand to the customer even in the most remote corner of our country.
And the result of this association became the All-Ukrainian association of private detectives - a team of the best detective agency in Ukraine.