Investigation agency of Serge Senik "ODIN"


Why you should hire a private investigator exactly in our detective agency?


This question ask every potential client, because the agencies where you can hire a private investigator in search results much. BUT. Here are some nuances. Real detective work in our country is not regulated by laws, and taking advantage of this, the market has a considerable share of scams and crooks.

They will take with you a lot of money to paint a beautiful picture of the operation, to write a report about it, as a rule, do not go beyond the office.
You must have encountered in seeking a detective on the Internet at a rogue. There are many (over 30), but they are all made as a blueprint, it says that "work since 2001", although in 2010 they still did not smell among Ukrainian detectives.

In addition, the site contains the alleged documents, but they are tiny and absolutely not clickable. And forged likely.

One of our clients have worked with these "detectives" before they turned to our detective agency. They took with him 700 euros a day, and the report was generally funny.

That there is only the phrase "the object looked at the traffic lights," though carer move only on foot. Moreover, these crooks even top 500 UAH stripped Client for alleged road traffic fines. As a result, after a week of work the task was not completed, and the client fell asleep beautiful proceedings.

The result, as you know, was zero, and customers have had to turn to us. We have completed the task of the Customer in two days, giving him full reports "from the field" with photo and video fixation, and do not write in the quiet of the office.

Plus, and for a much lower price, which is also important, I think.
Well, dear reader, if you want to hire a private detective, then think carefully, and choose the one who works in this market since 2004 and has considerable experience in solving various problems of life of customers, not only in Ukraine, but also abroad.