Investigation agency of Serge Senik "ODIN"




Surveillance born in the world a long time ago, but if you take the present territory of the CIS, is finally formed in the second half of the nineteenth century and was consolidated regulations. It was a unit of the Tsarist secret police, the so-called "Tailers". Department of the secret police were opened in almost all big cities of the Russian Empire. Quite a few "heroes" of the future revolution were registered informers in the secret service, including a Joseph Dzhugashvili.

The selection in the secret police were very strict, candidate tailers should be "intelligent, careful, physical development, competent, should be invisible", and in addition, specific training. We somehow got into the hands of a textbook for tailers 1910 release, and you know, many methods and activities that are described there are still relevant in our detective work.
However, we have moved away from the topic of the article. Officers initially secret police (yes, in principle, permanently) disliked and feared, they disdain to shake hands with military officers. And for good reason. After all, these people are inconspicuous prevented hundreds of terrorist attacks and assassinations, absolutely quietly without the need for fame.
Today the successors of the secret police officers are security officers (in military unit) and private detectives (on the part of the Civil)

Now we will describe in general terms how the surveillance detective agency.

One of the main tasks of experts surveillance is to establish relations of the object. They define its terms of communication, identify its connection and inclinations, set the sources and amounts of income. Then it scrupulously described in the report on the work done.
Outdoor advertising in detective agencies may be carried out (depending on the operation) as the detective one and a team. Brigade HH usually consists of 2-3 people per car. They are equipped with everything you need, namely radio, camera with powerful zoom, change of clothes, as well as food and drinks.
When using a mobile observation team 1-2 up. Detectives are the object of observation (hereinafter OH) so when in close proximity to the object of observation is only one observer. In addition to the surveillance subject, he is obliged to inform the team about the situation HH OH. Communication with the team through the radio or by gestures.
Before you begin the task detectives engaged in the surveillance carried out a full briefing on the object of observation. That is so, dear reader, private detectives and conduct surveillance. Everything here is, of course, described very superficially and without revealing the nuances, so that you have an idea of what kind of work.