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Search for missing or hiding


Search for missing or hiding

Tracing a person is a service that is useful to relatives of a missing person, as well as to those who want to restore lost contacts or find a debtor.

Search of disappearing without a new people – difficult and labour intensive process that frequently occupies plenty of time. And his results it is not simple to predict in advance. Quite often law enforcement authorities close such cases on limitation, as does not possess sufficient resources for realization of valuable search. And however, finding getting lost or hiding is possible always, if professional detectives put shoulder to wheel.


When a man is considered without a new disappearing


To consider a man disappearing it is possible in case that none of his near or friends does not have with him direct contact, does not own information about a location. Usually into account family, near and friends relation, is accepted.

Before, handing in an application about the loss of man was possible after 3th twenty-four hours from the moment of his disappearance. But now a law allows immediately to appeal to the police, as soon as the fact of loss became obvious.

In Ukraine the search of disappearing people comes true according to protocols, that envisage questioning of surroundings, determining the last location of stay of disappearing, determination of his contacts, way of life, working of credible variants of development of events.


We collect proofs


On the first stages of search it is very important to get as possible more complete picture about that, what way of life a disappearing man conducted, about his problems, predilections, desires, pathology. What more detailed will be a psychological portrait, the it will be simpler to understand, in what direction to move.

It is important to mark that only the small percent of cases of disappearance of persons of ripe years is related to the theft or murder. Far more often people intentionally abandon a house in attempts to hide from problems, change the way of life, avoid external pressure.


Certainly, nobody eliminates probability of violent disappearance. And search of people necessarily conducted in all directions. However, it is always desirable to believe in the best and hope that sudden loss near – no more than weakness that he showed in face of problems.


Separate direction – search of debtors and criminals. They hide able intentionally, undertaking various measures for keeping of place of the stay mum. However and a detective agency can help in these cases. To find a man that hides it is possible from a law or obligations, taking advantage of help of private detective.


When a without a new absent man was


Finding out a man that disappeared – it is a task of specialists. However, further actions in decision of problem that resulted in such consequences, detectives undertake not always. And depending on that, what reason a man, searching him relative or acquaintance, disappeared on, can undertake corresponding measures:

● if a man disappeared as a result of violent influence, but in the moment of discovery safe and sound, it is necessary to return him home and to secure;

● of own accord abandoning an usual environment people, frequently disagree to return even after realization of negotiations with them. It is here important to understand that adult people have a right independently to choose a place and method of life. And probably family and friends will have to be satisfied by that with their near it is all right, and he is out of harm's way;

● debtors, and also persons, committing crime, can be brought to the account according to a law since their location will be set.


Search of disappearing people inquiry agents


Agency of investigations of Sergey Сеника «ONE» during many years successfully conducts search measures and helps to find those, who without a new disappeared on some reasons. Large experience in this sphere helps specialists to untangle the most difficult businesses even.

Reunion of family, bringing in to responsibility of guilty, search of debtors and swindlers – with all of it detectives can help the clients. Even with the least of data and on expiration of limitation of event, professionals can recover the chainlet of events and find disappearing. And, you right now can appeal for help and get her in our detective agency.