High risk services

The solution to unsolvable problems and deadlock situations in life

The rapid pace of our lives is sometimes interrupted situations, the resolution of which, according to most people - is impossible. Here, for example, a few of them:
Does your husband appeared beautiful young mistress, and all the money he spends on it. You know about it, you want to change the situation, ready to do anything for that he parted with his mistress and returned to the family. You are afraid to go into open conflict, as love of her husband and feared to destroy the family ...
Your competitor is actually bankrupted you have to do it one small step away from bankruptcy. You are already thinking about that suicide - not a bad way out ...
You blackmailed sins of youth, casual relationship or an affair. This could jeopardize your career, family well-being or life ...
You are madly in love, but your fiancee does not notice you, or worse, ignored or despised for your lifestyle, profession or hobbies. You rushed into the abyss of alcohol or debauchery, because this affects your family and friends, your career is flying down the slope. Just the thought: "It must be my ..."
You appear intrusive and influential admirer. He is not only unpleasant to you, but also your boss. You understand that if you do not sleep with him, then lose their livelihood. But you do not want and will not do, or will cease to respect themselves. But time is not on your side and will soon make a decision ...
You are a top manager of a large firm and not misery. As long as your leadership has not solved "rejuvenate cadres" not to put on your seat son of a friend of his. Accordingly, by asking you to exit ...
Wife left you on what you she was not interested. You love it, do not see a life without her and want her back ...
These and many other problems in life that you seem intractable stalemate, exorbitant taken to solve our experts.

If you've tried everything, but nothing has given good results - we are ready to come to your aid.

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Criminals kidnapped your child and extort ransom? Held hostage dear person and require the implementation of unrealistic conditions? You are afraid to contact the police, fearing for the health and life of the victim's kidnapping?

If you are a wealthy man, but your life is boring and monotonous, if you crave sharp impressions, bright emotions, thrilling adventures - contact us, we will create a new and interesting biography and convince those around you that you are the type who dreamed and seem to want to be.

Your daughter left to work in Western Europe or the Middle East and gone?
It is likely that she got into sexual slavery and the only one who can help her - this is you, if you ask for help in a timely manner to our detective agency "one".
We will find and return it to you.

You urgently need to carry confidential or potentially dangerous cargo?
Your business correspondence, from which depends the fate of many people facing a potential risk of abduction?
Rivals ready to seize your goods or documents that threatens to ruin you?
You can protect your cargo or correspondence by contacting our detective agency.

You or your family are at the center of military operations in the country and the rest are not able to get out of it alive?
You could not get to the last evacuation flight or ship.
Please contact us at the detective agency, "One" and we will solve the problem with your safe return home.

You illegally accused of a crime?
It is not fair took the judgment is in your favor?
You enterprise stole a large sum of money and you want to get them back without the involvement of law enforcement agencies?
To solve these and many other problems will help you to our private detective agency.

In spite of everything, Detective Agency "ODIN" continues to represent the entire spectrum of detective services in the Crimea and the Donetsk region.

Bounty hunt

Wanted in the CIS and Western Europe escaped from the pledge of criminals - one of the leading areas of cooperation of our detective agency with a number of the oldest in the US companies involved in the provision of collateral.

In life, sometimes it happens that you find yourself in a situation that can not change, which threatens to deprive you of all that you have - family, home, work, respect for the family, and sometimes life.
Yes, you are not able to change anything!
But having come to your aid, and we will solve any, even the most intricate and nonstandard problem with naiblagopriyatneyshim outcome for you.

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