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Checking employees with private detectives of our Agency allows us to reveal hidden facts of our biography, prevent espionage at enterprises and more.

Covert data verification allows you to find out who is leaking confidential information or handing over to business rivals trade secrets, where funds from the company’s account and so on disappear.

Urgent transportation of confidential cargo and business correspondence. Strictly confidential, safe, fast!

Trademark abuse
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Identification and investigation of the fact of unlawful use of a trademark registered for the sale of goods and services.

Verification of company information
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If you care about the future of your company and about saving your own funds, this service will help you decide on the possibility of cooperation with the selected company.

If you are a lawyer and you need help finding witnesses or establishing the truth, you can turn to us! We will quickly and confidentially collect all the information you need.

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