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Evacuating people from combat zones

A string of revolutions that have occurred in recent years in the world, followed by military conflicts are shaking the planet.
Often, going on a vacation to an exotic country, do not think about that instead of a good time under the palm trees can be captured to the guerrillas or to be in the epicenter of the sudden outbreak of hostilities.
Heading a high-paying job in the Middle East and North Africa, which already operate many of our compatriots on the positions of leading specialists, people do not think about the possible risk of being at the center of a local armed conflict.
Events in Libya have shown that a country can not always cope with the timely evacuation and rescue people trapped in such a situation.
The introduction of no-fly zone and blockade of foreign countries do not allow to leave the area safely fights.
If you or your relatives in this situation and requests to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs do not give any results, the only chance for salvation - Immediately call a private detective agency "one."
Our specialists have experience of saving people from civil war and subjected to an international blockade of Libya in 2011, Syria (2013), and from Egypt in 2012 during the events in Tahrir Square.
Contacting Us - Your last chance for salvation.

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Criminals kidnapped your child and extort ransom? Held hostage dear person and require the implementation of unrealistic conditions? You are afraid to contact the police, fearing for the health and life of the victim's kidnapping?

If you are a wealthy man, but your life is boring and monotonous, if you crave sharp impressions, bright emotions, thrilling adventures - contact us, we will create a new and interesting biography and convince those around you that you are the type who dreamed and seem to want to be.

Your daughter left to work in Western Europe or the Middle East and gone?
It is likely that she got into sexual slavery and the only one who can help her - this is you, if you ask for help in a timely manner to our detective agency "one".
We will find and return it to you.

You urgently need to carry confidential or potentially dangerous cargo?
Your business correspondence, from which depends the fate of many people facing a potential risk of abduction?
Rivals ready to seize your goods or documents that threatens to ruin you?
You can protect your cargo or correspondence by contacting our detective agency.

You or your family are at the center of military operations in the country and the rest are not able to get out of it alive?
You could not get to the last evacuation flight or ship.
Please contact us at the detective agency, "One" and we will solve the problem with your safe return home.

You illegally accused of a crime?
It is not fair took the judgment is in your favor?
You enterprise stole a large sum of money and you want to get them back without the involvement of law enforcement agencies?
To solve these and many other problems will help you to our private detective agency.

In spite of everything, Detective Agency "ODIN" continues to represent the entire spectrum of detective services in the Crimea and the Donetsk region.

Bounty hunt

Wanted in the CIS and Western Europe escaped from the pledge of criminals - one of the leading areas of cooperation of our detective agency with a number of the oldest in the US companies involved in the provision of collateral.

In life, sometimes it happens that you find yourself in a situation that can not change, which threatens to deprive you of all that you have - family, home, work, respect for the family, and sometimes life.
Yes, you are not able to change anything!
But having come to your aid, and we will solve any, even the most intricate and nonstandard problem with naiblagopriyatneyshim outcome for you.

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