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Search of a missing persons
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You lost loved one, but the police told you that they will not accept your application until you put under the law will be held for three days? Well, this is a very common case. As world practice shows, the best way to quickly and as soon as possible to find a man - is to hire a private detective. A policeman, who oversees the search for people, usually have in development is around 100-150 cases. Resources for the normal and high-quality search for missing persons is not enough even in high-developed countries of Europe and the United States, what can we say about our country.


So for the adoption of the statement the police hanging out standard procedures for Package - Starts the disappearance of a person is conducted roll call of hospitals and morgues, and sending pictures of the missing to police patrols and district departments, and it ends the formal procedures. After that, if the person is not found, the case just goes in a safe and covered with dust, and police say that the work is going.


As you can see, refer to our detective agency as quickly as possible - this is the best way, and the faster you go, the sooner we will begin to search for your loved one.

To start tracing the person our private detectives need to gather as much information about it, to be helpful, any information that you can tell about the disappeared person.

Upon completion of the information-gathering phase, establishing the facts and unique identification of the missing person is offered an individual set of measures to search for the missing man.


Basically loss associated with the following:

  • an accident (traumatic amnesia, car accident);
  • missing man hiding intentionally;
  • crime committed for financial gain (kidnapping, seizure of property, robbery).

Missing person may also be influenced by various totalitarian sects, who are interested in material possessions missing. To avoid trouble, we recommend that you immediately to seize the operations associated with the property sought by the person in a manner that provided by the current legislation.


According to statistics, in major cities on a monthly basis to the police receives about one hundred applications for wanted men. Basically, people are missing in the hospitals of the city, or return ourselves. Also, there are cases of sudden amnesia due to head injury, while people can not understand who he is and how he found himself in this position. Friends and relatives he did not remember.


In addition to the missing persons, our detective agency can track down the person who owes you a large sum of money, any property and is now hiding because of the above reasons.

Also, our private detective will help you in the search for the person about whom you have only fragmentary information.

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A trip on vacation in a foreign country is often fraught with a number of dangers, both moral and physical plane.
Your loved one may be subject to treatment as a professional love Alfonso and the threat to get into trouble due to ignorance of local customs.
To protect your loved one from such troubles, Detective Agency "ODIN" offers services in covert surveillance and security of people, holidaymakers in the resorts of Ukraine and abroad.

The sudden disappearance of a loved one, it's always a big trouble. Disclaimer police immediately wanted person dear to you, all you can enter into a state of prostration.
Tracing should be started immediately! As soon as possible,  to locate a missing person!
It adheres to a policy of our detective agency, tracing of the missing is one of the main directions of our activity.

Dangerous diseases, a shameful past, bad habits, convictions and more can hide your future partner or potential husband/wife.

If you want to protect you from the unpleasant consequences in the future - you need to check the biography with our help.

Do you borrow a large sum of money to a stranger who has come to you on the street? Of course not!

But many businessman rush headlong into the maelstrom of bright prospects and invest big money in various business searchlights unfamiliar subjects, not even bothering to hold a small test of their financial status and reliability. This uses a clever crooks.
And if you care about the future of his company and of saving your own funds, this service is for you.

Many women in this country suffer from the so-called marriage scams.
For the sake of a few kind words and a clever con artist played passionate romance, they risk being left without money, without a roof over his head, and the whole string of taken loans in their name.
If you have any suspicion that your man - marriage swindler or a gigolo who lives with you only for your money, then you should ask about this service.


Adults with enthusiasm eager to give their children a decent future, often do not think about this.
As a result, not enough attention to the side-chapels they run the risk of losing their child, who may be in bad company, to get into alcohol or drug dependence.
If this happens, or you have the prerequisites for concern - you should ask for help in our detective agency.

Very often, hiring a housekeeper or a governess, we do not even think that we can assume a stranger, with its problems and bad habits in the holy of holies - the house.

Many dishonest person take advantage of this
Protect yourself and your children from the problems from time to time, check their home wage earners.
And we will help you with this.

In today's violent world, when a child can be lost because of heedlessness, tutors or governesses, can be stolen by your enemies, start chatting with dangerous people for it is better to use the principle: "Forewarned - is forearmed."
Putting the child on the phone a special program, you will always be aware of his movements and whereabouts, the content of his conversations and messages, and thus will be able to quickly respond to possible dangers and to ward off the threat.

Employees checking
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New employee, checked by your personnel department or security may well be an industrial spy, zaslanym your enemies or competitors, and specially prepared for this kind of checks.
But for such entities is often the unpleasant surprise meticulously checked outsourcing employees private detectives of our agency.
So, to your attention - a comprehensive inspection of the candidate for the vacant position in your company or current employees.

Theft at the enterprise? Someone merges confidential information or trade secrets to competitors rents? Funds gradually disappear from the account of the company, but who is behind this?
In addressing these and many other problems you can not help the national police. Just because it is not within the competence of the police.
Out of the situation - apply to our detective agency.
We will conduct covert test data and find out everything that you are interested in

Adultery. Its consequences may negatively impact not only on your family life, but also on your business.
Our private detectives will come to you for help in identifying the fact of adultery and problem solving ёё consequences.

This service is provided by our detective agency will save your money. We will conduct a comprehensive review of your cars on the fact of theft before his purchase.

If you suspect that your enemies or competitors have access to your confidential information, to provide security, you can contact the detective agency "ODIN" for inspection of premises for the presence of covert eavesdropping devices.

Detective Agency "ONE" will help you to identify the market counterfeit products sold under your brand, find the leaders of criminal groups and to stop illegal trade in counterfeit products.
We stand on guard for your business.

Monitoring control
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To paraphrase a famous saying, let's say - "If you are paranoid, does not mean that you are not being watched."

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If you are a lawyer and you need help to find witnesses or establishing the truth, then please contact our detective agency.
We quickly and confidentially collect all the information you need.

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