Investigation Agency of Serge Senyk

Dear ladies and gentlemen!

Over the years Investigation Agency of Serge Senik "ODIN"

has been helping to solve the most difficult life situations that often seemed hopeless.



As of today, the company's experience is counted by hundreds of satisfied clients whose well-being and often lives were saved due to the timely assistance of our specialists.


We are ready to offer our clients our qualified assistance anywhere in Ukraine as well as abroad, promptly resolving the problem. Most often our Investigation Agency is asked to:


  • track down someone who is missing;
  • establish surveillance of difficult teenagers;
  • confirm or refute the fact of adultery;
  • check biographical information or information provided by the firm;
  • find out how well the hired home staff performs their duties.


However, this is not an exhaustive list of tasks that the experts of Investigation Agency of Sergei Senik "ODIN" can solve. So, we encourage you to read the full list of standard services  as well as some high risk services that we are ready to offer our clients.


No matter how difficult the situation for you or your loved ones


we are ready to find a solution and achieve the result that will satisfy our clients. The fact that the founder and owner of the Agency is a direct member and a co-founder of All-Ukrainian Association of Private Detectives and has a good reputation that has developed over the years, allows people not to be afraid of deceit and count on a guaranteed result and fruitful cooperation.




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